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We do affordable website hosting & design for basic websites.

If you want a presence on the Internet and don’t have several thousands of dollars to spend, but you want some bells & whistles and a clean functional site, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer affordable hosting on Linux or Windows servers starting at $16/month, up to dedicated virtual servers or dedicated physical servers.

We also offer optional advanced Exchange mailboxes that synchronize your mail/contacts/calendars between computers & devices, and have the ability of sharing information with co-workers or others.  more on that…

Web design is very reasonable.   We bill by time instead of by the project so you’re not paying for any more work that you’re getting.

You can also edit the content on your own site, so maintenance and updates are easy.

Here are some examples of current sites:

This one!  Running on the WordPress platform. Facebook is integrated, so news posts get automatically relayed to our Facebook business page. This site is mobile friendly too.

Simple one page site to highlight listings.  Has links to the MLS and virtual tours, where available.  Simple and fast way for prospective tenants to review available properties, figure out where they are, and what the basics are.

“One page design” for sites without a whole lot of pages or content.  Very easy to find everything you’re looking for.  Very clean.

Simple site providing therapy information and options for patients and family.


A basic one page site to establish a basic presence on the Internet

WordPress site with parts catalog so customers can see examples of product that’s available.

Basic site for information, blog posting, and media events





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