Redlance Computer Consulting, Inc. Redlance Computer Consulting –


We offer on-site and remote-assist services, including:

 Website Hosting & Design

From initial design, to overhaul and maintenance, we can help you make your web presence its best.  …[more details]

 Exchange Email Hosting

Business & personal email hosting without ads.  Sync all of your devices & access your info anywhere on anything.  …[more details]

 Social Networking

Extend into social networking to broaden your audience and connect with people and businesses. …[more details]

 On-Site consulting Services

We do network design and planning to streamline efficiency, and to help you do the most without breaking the bank. ….[more details]

 Remote-support services

We can assist you over the phone with remote access technologies to speed response times and for convenience. ….[more details]  [Start a session now]


If you need hardware and/or software, we can help you obtain the right equipment at the right price.


When you need repairs, upgrades, or preventative maintenance.


You want to learn?  We can teach.


From residential home networking to multi-building networks, we can help you connect everything so you can make the most of what you have.


Anti-Virus, Firewalls, as well as techniques and training to help keep you and your identity safe.

 Mac & PC & Others

We’re multi-computer lingual and work with Apple/MAC, PC/Windows, Google/Android, Apple/iOS, Smart TV, Microsoft XBox, Sony PSx, and more.