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Details- Exchange Email Hosting

We offer Microsoft 365 Exchange hosting in 2 flavors: Business and Personal.

Email addresses with your own domain, like  Look more professional by using an email address that looks like a business email address.

Email addresses without having to get a domain name (better for individual users), like

BOTH allow your email/contacts and calendars can be accessed and synchronized wherever you need to access it:

  • Outlook Web Access (Webmail interface available on any device connected to the Internet)
  • PC: Outlook 2010 SP2 or higher and the Win 8 / Win10 Mail app and more
  • Mac: The native Mail app or Outlook for Mac (recent editions)
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad, etc)
  • Android phones & tablets
  • ..and more


Business customers can also set up things like shared contacts and shared calendars so you can collaborate and share information and work better as a team.

All mail accounts also come with anti-spam filtering and anti-virus protection, as well as a host of other bells & whistles.  By being synchronized, your Outlook data is effectively “backed up”, so if anything happens to your computer, or you get an additional or replacement computer, re-populating your data is super easy.  No more lost emails because of a computer crash.

Support is provided by us!  No more need to call somebody in a foreign country to beg them to change your password and prove your identity with mysterious secret questions and customer service pin numbers.

Very affordable at $6/mo/person.   Additional plans available for access to other features, like Office desktop software and more.

We can usually import your old email, contacts, and calendar information so you don’t have to start over.   Email forwarding also allows you to start using your new email now, while still getting e-mail that people may be sending to your previous address so you don’t miss a beat.


ohyesitsnotfreeFree email is not free.

Did you know these services, in exchange for providing you “free” email, read your emails and send you targeting advertising and spam based on what you’re corresponding to people about?  They also sell your address to 3rd party companies and fill them in on your likes.   Email addresses provided through your service provider (ISP) are subject to the same issues, and your provider will take your address away if you ever cancel services.  That’s why they want you to use their email.

We don’t do that with paid accounts.    There’s a saying in the computer industry- “If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer- you’re the product”.


365/Redlancemail  “Free” Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL “Free” ISP email (Cable company, ATT,  Verizon)
 Enterprise class e-mail hosting.  You can use your own domain name
Ad-free webmail interface  
 Synchronize Mail/Contacts/Calendars with Outlook Hotmail only
E-mails are not read for targeted advertising
We don’t sell your email address to marketing companies
Share folders between other users (if desired) Gmail can  
Easily contact a live person for technical support ISP mail only
Not connected to & dependent on your Internet account