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Exchange- Apple iOS

How to configure your Apple/iOS device for use with our hosted Exchange.

These instructions were created on an iOS device running iOS 11.  If you haven’t updated your phone/tablet’s software or have an older version, your experience may be slightly different.

1) Go to the main home screen and get into settings.


2) Click Accounts & Passwords

3) Click Add Account

4) Choose Exchange

5) Type your email address and a description for this account.  We recommend you just type your email address on each line here.

6) Choose the Sign In option

7) Choose the Work or school account

8) Enter your email password and click next.   If you’re asked if you want to save it, NO.  This isn’t your account asking to remember your password, this is the sign-in browser, which we don’t care about.

9)  Enable whatever features you want to sync.   We recommend enabling everything, but if you don’t want contacts or calendars synchronized with your phone, you can disable whatever parts you don’t want.

10) Go back into settings / accounts and passwords and tap on the Exchange mail account you just added.  Scroll down and change the mail days to sync to no limit.

11) Now, go into Settings / Mail and scroll down to the default account.  Choose the account you want to send mail from by default.

Note: This option doesn’t exist if you only have one mail account configured on your device

12) Repeat for contacts, calendar, notes, and reminders.   When you add a new calendar event, or contact, note, or reminder, the account specified is the account that information will go into.

example:  If you choose  your Yahoo account as the default for contacts, when you add a new contact on your phone it will go into your Yahoo account’s contacts, and not your Exchange account (which means it won’t show up in Outlook).

You’re done!