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Disable QuickBooks hosting on client computers

In a server/multi-user environment, the server should be the only computer hosting company files.

People can accidentally turn on hosting on their own computers, which can really screw up QuickBooks.

If you suspect one or more client computers have the multi-user hosting enabled, you should go around to each computer, check, and turn it off if it’s on.

How to check:

  1. Launch QuickBooks
  2. Click File / Utilities.   If it says Host Multi-user Access, then it’s already off.  You’re done!  Move on to the next one.

If it says Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, that means it’s currently enabled.  Click Stop Hosting Multi-User Access to turn it off.

Emphasis:  It SHOULD SAY Host Multi-User Access like the picture above.   If it says “Stop hosting…” that means it’s on and should be disabled.