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Computer suddenly running slower?

It could be due to a recent patch that had to slow down your system to mitigate a problem found in most processors on the market.

If you haven’t heard of this week’s discoveries:

Wired: Triple Meltdown: How so many researchers found a 20 year old chip flaw at the same time.




Windows and MAC computers have already been updated, as long as you’ve got automatic updates enabled or  you’ve manually updated your system.

How much slower your system is depends on how old the processor is and what version of windows you’re running, among other things.

More detail on the slowdown:

The Virge: Microsoft reveals how Spectre updates can slow your PC down





You have options.

  1. For a pretty good overall performance boost to your existing system, you can convert your hard drive from a traditional drive to a solid state hard drive.  For more on the hard drive upgrade option here: Different hard drive technologies- HDD, SSD, SSDH compared
  2. You can get a new computer that doesn’t have the flaw.
  3. Roll with the current performance until you’re ready to make a change.