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Windows 10 boot issue repair

If you experience the boot failure / failure to start / BCD issue

  1. Insert the recovery disc into your computer
  2. Turn the computer on / reboot the computer while the CD is in there
  3. It should boot to the CD by itself.  If it doesn’t, you may need to press F12 after the computer is powered on to get a menu so you can select to boot to the CD.
  4. If you get a “press any key to boot to CD prompt”, press “any key” when requested.
  5. Select Troubleshoot


6. Select Advanced Options


7. Select Startup Repair


8. Select the operating system Windows 10 (there’s normally only one)


9. You’ll see a diagnosing your PC screen


10. You’ll then get a message that the startup repair failed.


10.  Remove the CD first, then click Shut down, and turn the computer back on to reboot normally.